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Whose fault is this?

Hello, I’m new on fiverr and asking some older seller some advice.

I’m selling this gig where I create websites for bands (mainly using Wordpress). All has been good so far and I’ve found great buyers. I usually ask for everything they want on the website, and then if they have hosting and domain. Before delivering, I usually ask for the hosting username and password so I can get in and upload the website files, install Wordpress, configure everything, so the customer has everything up and running.

This time, before working on the website, as usual, I asked the buyer which hosting plan he had and if it supported Wordpress. No reply. Anyway I started working, as sometimes I’m sure you find someone that only wants the website but doesn’t even have any hosting or domain ready.

After days of working on the Wordpress website, I asked the buyer for his hosting details, and he tells me that he uses Homestead. After a little research on the Homestead website, I find out that it doesn’t support Wordpress installations. I tell the buyer, and give him two options:

1- I finish the Wordpress website and send it to him, and then he takes care of finding another hosting whenever he wants, and uploading files, installing Wordpress etc.

2- I stop working on the Wordpress website and try and build another website, using HTML, something that can be used on Homestead.

He decides he wants the second options. I try Homestead for a few days and find it awful. I get back to the buyer saying that I’d rather deal with Wordpress, so he can contact me whenever he buys a decent hosting in the future, and I will be happy to build him the website he needs. He then tells me that he wants to change hosting now, and have the website done now. He buys hosting and domain with Hostgator, and gives me the passwords. I put Wordpress on it, configure every aspect of the hosting, and then find out he only bought the hosting and not the domain. All of that, while days were passing and I was the only one looking into it to solve things. I even spoke to the hosting support service because the buyer doesn’t know anything about hosting and domains.

And of course, at this point the gig on fiverr was marked as “late”. At this point, knowing that statistics on fiverr are important, and being the gig “late” for a few days, I asked the buyer to mark it as “delivered”… I did my work after all, and much more than that! But he refuses, tells me the work “had to be done earlier” and after I tried to explain all my reasons, he replies that all the misunderstandings about the hosting “could have been figured out in 1 day” and that it’s my fault if we missed the deadline.

I now asked for cancellation, as I don’t think he and I could work well at this point. But it pisses me off that I spent so much time in dealing with someone that doesn’t even say “thank you” for all the time I spent in helping him.

And if course I wasn’t even doing it for those $5… a website takes much more time than that and I’m offering the gig at $5 because I just started off on fiverr. I just want to give buyers the best, helping them and stuff like that. It’s just sad when someone says “it’s you fault if it’s late” when I spent days working for him.

What should I have done differently? How can I prevent myself from working a lot of hours for a buyer, with the risk of not even getting $5?

Don’t worry about gigs being ‘late’ in the future :slight_smile: The Fiverr system will not pay attention to them until they are cancelled for late delivery :slight_smile: (the customer has that option after 24 hours of it originally going late!)

I agree with ryangillam. In the past, we have unfortunately delivered gigs late because of miscommunication with the buyer or getting booked on a film and we have never had a problem with our stats. We just make sure we add a little something to the final product to make up for our lateness and the buyers are always happy with the result. Unfortunately, you will come across some difficult buyers, but we just assure them we will deliver our best. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it, but they usually are the ones that give the best reviews in the end.

thank you guys… thought there were stats for the delivery time or something… thanks!

sidegeweb said:
  • thank you guys... thought there were stats for the delivery time or something... thanks!

Only if they cancel :) That will not even be recorded as a 'late delivery'. You will simply get a negative feedback and a +1 to your cancellation rate. Both will affect you. The actual lateness will not!