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Whose field have more money graphics or video animation?

whose field have more money graphics or video animation?


On which you have better skill …

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That is not the question you need to be asking. You need to be asking: “Which service am I more skilled at, and which service can I provide at a high level, that customers need.”

Fiverr is NOT a get-rich-quick website. If you try to offer services that you are not skilled in, you’re going to ruin your seller reputation, and you are not likely to get any sales.

You are here to offer services that you are skilled in. If you are skilled in a service, you might have a chance here. If you are not, then this may not be the right place for you.


I think graphics design

You could look at this thread:

Though the above seems to be just based on the gig/package prices not actual selling price which isn’t publicly shown. The above link also won’t take into account orders from custom offers (probably just looks at the number of reviews and the gig/package prices etc.).

From the above link (even though it’s unlikely to be accurate in terms of sales/sales prices), it seems graphics & design has the most sales and highest total sales price but also the most competitors. Video and animation seems to have higher price per sale and fewer competitors.

Based on that link, it seems the total sales for graphics & design / total sellers in that category would give a higher overall average sales (in $) per seller than the video & animation category (graphics & design average $177.50 per seller, video & anim average $131.25?). Though again the sales/price per sale are just rough estimates since they’re not actually shown, and which package a buyer bought isn’t shown.

But it depends on the seller and their skills etc. Either could be best and make a good profit.


thanks brother for this information

Hard work always paying of. So whatever you want to do if you are proper skilled in those sector that’s paying of in different way.

yes thanks for this dear