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How to know if seller is online? Should there be an icon?


Personally, I don’t see the need to know if someone is online. I often leave Fiverr open on my computer, even when I’m not there for one reason or another. If buyers started seeing that I was “online” even if I wasn’t actually there, I’d lose a lot of business. Being able to see the last time someone logged in is good enough to know whether a seller is ignoring you or not.


there is no option for that Buddy… I personally think that there must have been one option to know that…


i am new to fiverr. this is one of the first thing i was trying to look for, the “this person is online/offline” notification. majority of online media that requires signing in got this feature and its really helpful. i never expect that this basic and common feature is not present in fiverr. how to deal with this? i always end up with a 4 hours of sleep hoping my client is still around after just having a cup of coffee.


@arnevb: correct me if i am wrong, majority of online venue that requires gathering of people is using this feature and benefits from it far better than not having it. whatever scenario, still the advantage is higher in contrast to disadvantage. and i believe they did not just put it there as decoration but a tools and means of better communication.


I always feel like big brother is watching though. Don’t you?


necessity is the mother of all invention. we do things perfectly because we have mastered it and we have adapted to it. modernization is different issue. our past ancestors lived perfectly also.

i also also live perfectly with my text and call only phone. should i need one with wifi? i hope you get my point.


This has been debated before in another thread and if memory serves me correctly, there were more folks that didn’t want buyers to know they were online.


@lparziale that sounds weird. how would you feel if you enter a restaurant with a good ads outside their window, and inside there is no vendor. its more like a trap to me.