Why 0% Gig Rating?


I’ve seen a couple of gigs who have 0% gig rating with 1 positive and 0 negative reviews. Does anyone know how this is even possible? I’m just curious.


Possibly a glitch.




Reply to @madmoo: Oh lord, I hope it doesn’t. But trust me, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact support.


Oh okay then.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: A ha! That explains it.


No it is a glitch in most cases. I just helped someone deal with this. It was that way for 2 days and after 20 mins CS had it fixed.


By the way, you know it’s not that because the seller can (and in this case did) have a 100% personal / profile based rating.


I had 2 gigs exactly like that. I emailed customer support. Immediately after doing so, I realized that I hadn’t given the customers any feedback. It must just be a coincidence, but the moment I gave my customers a positive, my gig rating changed to 100%. I updated the ticket to tell customer support what happened. They were super nice. Support said sometimes it can just take a little while for the gig rating to update.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Right. The seller has a separate rating from each gig, so I knew that wasn’t the case, cuz most of them had 100% seller ratings.


Reply to @integritymedia: That had to be a coincidence, cuz sellers’ aren’t required to leave feedback. I see sellers who rarely leave do and still have a perfect rating.