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Why ? 4 Hours Response Time

Hi Guys,

I just put my Fiverr account on vacation for about 1 week, after that my response time become 4 hours.
Now from 2-3 days i am replying with in 1 hour, but it is still 4 hours.

Any tip or issue here ?
Every reply is really appreciated. Thank you.

Check your inbox. Which message you didn’t reply before( I’m not sure but I think It’s the main problem) . You need to reply all new message otherwise your response time will increase !

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It counts 30 day time period and shows the average hours/time. Now on make sure to respond messages either inbox or on order page within an hour, it will be back to 1 hour. Buyer can not see your response time.

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Thank you…!!! But i did reply to all the messages.

Perfect, Thanks :slight_smile: