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Why 5$ Gig rate!


i noticed that a new seller always keep 5$ for gig sell. i think so better idea becasue if you so good designer/developer client don’t care but when get a level then client give a value.
so we should first time gig price 5$ then easily get sell and make better something.
No need buyer request when you gig make 1st rank. so always keep to remember about keyword when create a gig. a best seller mean she/he invest time for keyword research.



Thank you so much for such a valuable explaination. Its really help me to understand why new seller always keep their gig price $5.

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Investing time in keyword research doesn’t automatically make someone a bestseller. It is the quality of the product/service that you provide and your professional/customer-oriented approach that will help make an impression on your prospective buyers.

Just spending your time researching keywords is not gonna do much. If anything, you’ll become a “keyword researcher.”