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Why a I not getting sales on fiverr?


I have joined fiverr since October, 2014 to present since I joined I have never received any work as yet can anyone

please tell me what to do?


Hi. I looked at your profile and I suggest:

  1. Take a new picture. You don’t look very happy or professional in that one.
  2. Instead of listing your experience at the top, write a few sentences that make you seem friendly and happy to be a part of Fiverr.
  3. Your gig titles do not make sense. Remember they all begin with: I will - the rest should begin with a VERB (action word) that you have to write: Type 500 words from a scanned document or Design a nice logo.

    Those will help you appear to be a better seller. Good luck!


Same is the case with me , I am not getting any orders :frowning:

Any suggestions as to what to do .


I completely agree with @teerika.

I also suggest that you reconsider what kind of gigs you offer. You primarily work with language and writing gigs, and you specify “English only”, but your English isn’t great.

You should focus on offering gigs that you’re really good at. :slight_smile:


Reply to @fawaz_qureshi: Did you actually read the advice above? Does it apply to you? Can you make the same changes?

And be patient! You only signed up this month - it takes time and hard work to get sales and keep making them!


I got what you said .

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: