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Why a low response rate?

I just noticed my response rate is at 75% and I don’t understand why. I’ve answered all my messages, the only two things that come to my mind would be a message from a finished gig where the buyer thank me for the last time so I didn’t answer to this message and even though I read it it’s marked as “unread”, and the other thing is from last month when I couldn’t access my fiverr account for a few weeks as I forgot the password so I haven’t been able to answer to a request quickly, but when I finally managed to connect again, I answered…

Do you know where it comes from ? And how can I fix it ?

Thank you


Answer every single “first” message within 24h and your response rate would be 100%. That does include spam most of the time even if the Fiverr notice says it won’t count. It does not include messages after the initial contact in a conversation.

If you forgot your password and couldn’t log in for some time, you wouldn’t have been answering messages within 24 hours. That probably pushed your rate down.


Oh, ok, so that must come from here then, I thought it would only affect the response time, thank you very much !

My response rate keeps dropping too! I failed to answer one message in less than 24 hours a few months ago, but I have answered all messages since then, and my response rate keeps getting lower and lower!

How often is it meant to be checked and improved ? Every month ?

Yes, they evaluate our performance every month.