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Why a seller loser by cancelling an order, I have been affected by a client.due to buyer issue

I think Fiverr support team will take care of the order and help me to grow up.
i have done the job very carefully. and I have every proof of my work quality. i have sent him my work file with google docs file. maybe he used it and ran away.

This is really very bad experience here. and you can check our all chat, he sent me some text to put in all the description. I put and add my own text as well. as we agreed.

also i request the support team to check my previous orders and i have successfully done all the jobs and got 100% 5-star review with very good recommendations. my main goal is to satisfy my customers.

also, i have sent the delivery with excel file, docs. and screenshot.
he blamed me that i have written copy text but i have added a screenshot with 100% Plagiarism.
Also, i offered an unlimited revision. i requested him for modification but he canceled the order.

Could you please check the order and our chat, and help me to recover my order completion rating.


I think there is an option to check whose wrong. :zipper_mouth_face:


None of us have the access or ability to do this. We are just sellers (or buyers) just like you. We are not Customer Support.


Thank you so much bro it’s so nice!

Actually, sometimes customer support can help


Thank you for your help.

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same that customer support resolve it.

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