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Why a seller reputation will be down for the cancelled project?

Hello friends! I do not wish to heart any of my client! But recently one of my client came she order a gig and go away! from the last week she have no sound about the work just left me a message “I need Monday November 20th on the flyer please No rush”!!!. even attachment files are not opening… In that case I have try to contact the client but unfortunately there have no reply. I have ask her increase the days on dispute section! But there also have no reply. Now fiverr going to close this project within 48 hrs. and would like to give me a stamp mark that I have cancelled one more project in my profile score. and my all the Gigs ranking will go to down grade…

Even two more client was made their mistake gigs on my profile and they asked me for cancel and refund and I have done as per the fiverr rules. there my Gigs listing reach downgrade on fiverr page…

My question: Is it the fair judgment/ system? How can a true seller will get gress from fiverr

Which is which, are you asking for advice, suggestions or are you asking the forum to try your gigs???

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Hello phantompower!!! I have share my Fiverr experience with all ! I don’t ask you or any one to mimicry on my Fiverr experiences… So, please do your business! if you have face like that problem please share with the community. At least Fiverr authority will be read closely.

I’ll just be moving on then…


Hello damooch916!!! that is good at all !!! I have share my experience with all! you can read the issue. and the man (phantompower) is just making mimicry.

Mimicry means imitating something or someone, if I am not wrong. I don’t see how imitation was part of my comment. I asked what I asked because your post is under fiverr experience, while in the end of all you post a try my gig link which would have you post category change to fiverr gigs.
PS… If you ain’t ready for the comments then you should never post anything.

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I’m amazed that somebody can make any sense out of this. There isn’t a single correct sentence in this post.

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Mimicry Meaning I know Mr. ! But if you do not know how to join in a post discussion then do not comment with your unpredictable words ! It’s looks like you are doing Mimicry after read the experience. I have mention “Try my Gigs” for the clients and Fiverr community so they can look into my profile reviews. And I am not making here any story for the time pass. So next time hope you will be decent before any comment…

Will you please write your thought in details… I am very hopeful on community people. Because I have face this issue ! Sorry for break the community rules to show my Gigs link on discussion. Yet I have share my fiverr experiences with all.