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Why account was flagged

Good day.
I have received notifications regarding my account being flagged for “asking for payment outside the fivrr”, sorry but that was awful.
In fact the client was asking to “make payment method to collect payments from pakistan” job, did job title not being analyzed before making predictions?
Can anyone please help me remove that flagged status, you can easily read all the messages right? So make you decision after reading the title.

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We cannot help you with this issue. On the Fiverr Forum we are mostly sellers, like you.

Please contact to talk about your account being flagged.

Thanks for the reply. Sure.

Once Fiverr sees that you (and it appears the buyer) were not trying to get payment outside of Fiverr, your account will be fine.

There are certain words that the system tends to flag for human approval to make sure you are not breaking the rules.



i initially thought that some bot wasn’t doing its job correctly. thanks

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