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Why after delivered and reviewed orders got cancelled by customer support? 😥 Please guide me this is happening for the 5th time with me


Hello fiverr!
This is happening 2nd time with me. I have delivered the orders infact buyer has mark them complete and reviewed but after 2 days my payment wipl be cleared but today the customer support cancell the order and refund to the buyer. Kindly i need my money back please help me


It sounds like you’ve been subjected to a chargeback. You need to contact customer support as soon as possible and politely, but firmly request that they look into this for you.

This is becoming a more frequent problem with fellow sellers. :frowning:

Good luck!


Yeah. So many threads here


How can i? Can you please explain me a little please!


I bet there is some shady forum out there in the Internets that has a guide with this title “How to get free work on Fiverr”


Click on this link to submit a support request:


I’ve faced that kind of situation many times.

Unfortunately, you’re the unlucky guy. You will not get that money ever.

I contacted support, nothing happens, they will try to convince you that they too won’t get any profit from that, but they won’t talk about the effort you had to put, the passion and dedication of yours.

Sorry mate, forget about the money.


Even i tried to contact but it just showed as delivery failed



Have you tried emailing them?