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Why all gig doesn't found in search results

My all gigs aren’t found in search results. I think it’s not for any ranking issues, if it’s ranking issues then my gig can be found anywhere in search page but i didn’t find all gig it’s search results. I think it’s maybe fiverr’s bug or technical issues so my all gig doesn’t found in search result. Can you guys expert seller could you tell how to fix…


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Check your gig status from Fiverr CS.
Go Fiverr Help Center

Select Gig<<My Gig Doesn’t appear in Search Results<<Select your Gig to check Status
If your Gig status is Active then it means it is in the Fiverr Search Results.
But, if status is other than Active, then resolve your issue by contacting Fiverr CS


If you go to fiverr search result page then you’ll not find any of my gig.
And it’s not for one gig issues, it’s all my 7 gig issues.
I have contacted fiverr CS but they’ll reply after 10 days so in that days my best performing gig and all gig will be down and it’s seems like it’s fiverr bug that’s why it’s affecting to all gig. So how to fix…

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I don’t know how to fix that issue.
Fiverr CS will mostly take 2 days to respond any queries.

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okay yesterday i have submitted quires and waiting for their reply.

Please Contact Customer Support they help you.