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Why all Gigs demoted to last page at once

Hi, Today i will talk about Profile demotion, it is differnet from Rank Demotion( Level 1, Level 2 etc ). Profile demotion is facing by many experience sellers who are working on fiverr for a long time, One Day you wake up and see your all gigs are demoted to last pages without any reason, even you have no bad reviews and have orders in queue.
Actually this is because of not improving or editing your gig for few months, sometimes when we start geting orders then we don’t edit our gigs to make it much better, Fiverr new algorithm give chances to new sellers and for this he demote those sells who don’t have much activity on their gigs for a long time, Fiverr thinks that these gigs are old now and he demotes the seller.

This is based on my experience as i faced this and also by having comments from demoted sellers, try to improve your gigs after sometime to avoid demotion. This is my Opinion! Thanks


None of that is accurate. Nor does it make any sense.

What. First of all, “algerbra” isn’t a word. Maybe you meant algorithm. Secondly, what you said it self-contradictory. If the sellers are “already making money”, then Fiverr knows they are, by definition, active. If they are not “active”, how can they be making money?

Stop posting nonsense.

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@rosie_shopify Thank youu so much !!! Very good advice !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:
greeting !! @vivi123


Don’t take it in wrong sense, non active mean they are not active in upgrading their gigs, not by status

May be you didn’t experience yet, i hope you will come to know when you experience such demotion

You are saying this based on what? Your own personal experience with your account? Nobody from fiverr has shared the details of the algorithm and they wouldn’t do (that would open it up for people to easily abuse it). How do you know for certain that it is because you didn’t edit your gig? Did you test this and control for all variables?

You are sharing your opinion based on your experience which is fine, but you are announcing it as if it is a fact.

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Yes, this happened to me and i tried all ways to get it out. I searched alot and ask many sellers who are facing the same issue, and in the end get this result

Still nonsense. If you are selling, you are making Fiverr money. They don’t care if you upgrade your gigs or not if the gigs are selling well.

Your account is from January this year. I don’t think you’re in a position to talk about “experience”.

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I also try to reach the main problem by taking many people here but no one gives the right directions, in the end after many months struggle i shifted to new account like many other sellers

You are not allowed to have more than one account as per the Terms of Service.

Also, why are you selling on Fiverr if you can create a 7 figure Shopify store? Seems like it would be a waste of time to me… By the way, having a gig that says you will build a 7 figure Shopify store is against the Community Standards as you are promising something that is out of your control.


Indeed. And I didn’t want to be the one to call it out with no proof, but I would bet $100 that is not their picture or name either.

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Who say that i don’t have my own store? And i am giving services that i learn. Why you are here?

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And also i said i shifted, not to have both. There is a difference

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If you read my whole convo then you will come to know that i am shifted to new account

This post seems totally nonsense. When you edit your gigs, that’s where you make it a chance to get your gigs ranking reduced most of the time. None of us can’t predict the search algorithm of Fiverr. Editing your gigs without a reason is total nonsense. Established gigs tend to perform better always. Having more reviews, having more orders only leads you to more and more impressions because Fiverr is a business, they get their commission when gigs are getting sold, so they’re showing good performing gigs to more and more people. not the recently edited ones.


Then why there are alot of sellers with more than 10+ orders in queue are in last pages

That could be up to a number of reasons, maybe they got some order cancellations, maybe they got some warnings, and so on and so forth. How do you make it a fact that their gigs are there in the rank just because they didn’t edit their gigs? were you watching their gigs the last few days for changes or did you ask them whether they edit their gigs or not?

This is an experience of yours, your experience doesn’t showcase what actually happens behind the scene. You don’t have any authority to describe how the Fiverr algorithm works and neither do I. As @alexandamedia said, you can share your experience but don’t make it a fact because there are new sellers who has no idea about the platform and fall for these false information.


Yes i talked to many of them just to know the reasons and trust me 7 out of 10 don’t have any cancellation or warnings

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What does that have to do with anything relating updating your gigs every 2 months?

Probably Fiverr rotates gigs based on performance and workload. If Fiverr sees a seller has 10 orders in queue and they take 1 day to deliver each one on average, they’ll drop their gig further down to control order flow, since they are already at capacity, and wouldn’t be able to do more orders at the same time and still deliver fast. Once the orders in queue drop, they would bump it up again. Makes total sense.

I’m not saying this is what happens. No one knows how it works. But this at least makes sense, unlike what you’re saying.

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Drop from 1st pages to 60+ pages doesn’t make any sense!