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Why all my gigs are removed from "EXPRESS GIGS"

Hello everyone :wink:

Usually i got over 15 orders per work day because i active vatication mode every Saturday and Sunday, but after this my gigs are removed form category of EXPRESS GIGS and my orders are down to 4 … And thats why my gigs are specific i deliver in 24hours usually in 10h , as you can see on my gigs alot of people comment that im very fast… however i give unlimited revisions to everyone… and i have 100% positive rating and 5% cancelation…

Any idea why my gigs are removed from “EXPRESS GIGS” category ?



i also same thing. but i don’t know what the reason it? so down my orders level.

Perhaps your average fulfillment time for your orders went beyond 24 hours, but I think taking weekly vacation time is the more likely reason. When a buyer sees “24-hour express delivery”, they expect to be able to get their gig delivered within 24 hours no matter WHEN they decide to buy it. But that will never happen on a weekend with your gigs.

Yea but problem is with "When a buyer sees “24-hour express delivery” they dont see because my gig is placed on recommended page @ the bottom of page lol… But when you type in search “logo” and chooses express gigs there is maybe 2-4 gigs who creating new logos other are mockups or something like that…

btw my sales down from 20+ to 1 order per day …