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Why almost nobody looks at my gig
This is my gig, any solutions to promote ,get orders or improve?


Sure, I have a solution that works perfectly – if done properly and with determination… market and promote your gig to the target customers that need your services. Putting up a gig, sitting back, and expecting to have lots of sales is a short-sighted business plan. Businesses market and promote their services to gain customers. You are going to have to do the same.


Thanks for option,but the main thing is that,where I can find these target customers?And I am doing a simple work,who needs me?

If you feel that you can offer a professional service why not also offer a translation gig as you appear to have other talents.

If you have to ask that question, then you may not be ready to work as a freelancer.

Every business exists to serve a consumer base. Freelancers are no different. Who are the customers you seek to assist, and where do you think those customers hang out? Where can you find the exact type of people who need the business solutions you offer?

This is not a hard question to answer, but only YOU can answer it.


Yes ,and I am looking for these customers,that is why I am using fiverr.Good luck for all of us!!!

Very well. Good luck in your limited search.

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Use all your social media platforms to promote your gigs.

There are also a couple of free and paid tools that you can use to increase the number of people seeing your gigs, one of such tools is ‘hitleap’

You should also look out at the buyer request section, and send out thoughtful and compelling notes.

All the best.

Thanks for advice,how can I use hitleap?

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Go to the website, google it. Then, when on the website, sign up with them. Then, download the web app, login on the app. Input the link of your gigs and launch it.

If my explanation is too vague, please google, ‘hitleap’ and learn about how to use it. Cheers.

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Okay,thanks for attention,if I will not find or understand smth I will write

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That’s fine. Cheers.

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It’s really sad to see posts like this.
You’re asking help, yet you haven’t put any real effort into your gig.

This is your gig description.
The only way you can put less effort into this gig would be writing “BUY NOW”.

I haven’t had my morning coffee yet so maybe it sounds harsh, but posts like these are exactly the reason we are getting tired of helping newbies who are not putting any effort into their gigs. You have written more in this thread to complain than you’ve written in your gig description.

Take a look around. There are hundreds, literally hundreds of posts explaining in detail how to be successful on this platform.


If your gig is about writing, check the gig and package description uses punctuation and capitalization correctly (eg. space after commas and full stops).


Thank you, that is all I can do now,that is why I wrote only this,in future I will defenitely develop,but anyways I want any buyer

Hello @orxan1010, let me say that anything that is worth doing, should be worth doing well.

I presently have 3 orders that I am working on all at the same time and I can decide to take on new projects or not.

Some of the projects I work on now are repeat buyers, so I have just a few time for new buyers.

The thing is, when you put in a lot of work ahead (especially in writing a detailed description of your gig), your gig will rank higher and any buyer will consider you as serious.

Sucess has a model, that if you are patient and work through the ropes, you will succeed too.

Take out time, even if it is just 30 minutes, to put in some work into your gigs and you will soon be smiling with loads of buyers.



Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you for advice

Thanks,best of luck for you,too

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That gig doesn’t exactly make it clear what it’s actually for. The OP: are you offering to convert or transcribe text from other sources into Microsoft Word documents including via OCR & possible copyright infringment?