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Why almost nobody looks at my gig

İ just write a text from different sources to MC Word. That is it, very simple.

İ have no OCR machine, if somebody has, he/she does not need me

Putting your link in your reply is regarded as spam.

I apologize, didn’t know that. Thank you for awareness, will delete now.

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I know this is going to sound harsh, but seriously??
That really is ALL you can do??
Just one sentence?

It’s been several days since you’ve posted this, and it seems like you have not
changed anything.
The ONE MAIN THING you need to do is look at other people who has successful gigs.
Look at them, and learn from it./ There is no way you can say that their gigs and yours are the same quality.
If you cannot see/tell the difference, you are not ready for Fiverr or any business I’m afraid.


I believe there are sellers offering SEO and Social Media SEO with additional services that can help you with your online presence.

Perhaps you should consider using this community to purchase some basic advice for yourself. If you don’t want to start out with a new seller, there are a lot of experienced ones here with great reputations.

This all takes time and patience, so use this “slow time” to read the articles in the Seller Help Center as well.

I’m new also and about to start a topic of my own in this category.

Keep the faith! We are more than just “Buyers” and “Sellers” here. We are a community of Doers and Helpers.

Thank God!

I’m not sure whether you are addressing me with your advice, or if you are responding to someone else, and accidentally did so by clicking reply to my comment 15 days ago.

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I see why your confused jonbass.

Please excuse the confusion. I’ve been pushing my Glaucoma eyes very hard lately and the light colored text plays tricks on them at times. I’m not used to participating in a forum. Didn’t realize this was happening.

Too bad our replies can’t be tagged to the intended recipient in the thread timeline. I’ll get better at it. Feel free to correct me when I stray. Your patience is much appreciated.

There is a lot of space between my reply and your question. It took me a bit to figure out how to respond. Here goes:

I’m not going to try to direct quote this, just paraphrase.

Orxan1010 asked about finding “target customers”.

You made an excellent point regarding the question being asked in the first place and the need for Orxan1010 to research the answer further.

I was hoping to encourage the use of the wonderful talent we have on Fiverr to pay for some extra help with marketing.

Getting traffic has been a huge problem for me in the past, trying with blogs.

Using this platform is very helpful, due to Fiverr’s high visibility and traffic.

I may well use this strategy myself in the future, since I’m so poor at it myself.

Im new here as well and struggling with my own learning curve.

This takes a lot of patience and work over time to get it right.

I hope this is helpful, both as an explanation and encouraging support.

Thanks for asking me to clarify fonbaas.

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Actually, they can. Just use the “@” symbol before the forum username, like this: @jonbaas:wink:

Don’t be afraid to take your time. The sellers that succeed around here are the ones who don’t rush success. Build, learn, grow… and your success will show up – in relation to the amount of work you put into earning it. You’re one step ahead of many other new sellers here in this, because, you are willing to earn your success. There are far too many other new sellers that expect their success to appear instantly out of thin air.

Success is never free or instant. It requires cost and sacrifice. I’m glad to see that you are among the sellers on the right track who are willing to accept this fact. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to do so! :wink:


Thank you for explaining how the “@” symbol is used in the forum.

You are so right about patience and being willing to “earn your success”.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Man, my computer is old, it has only MC Word, and also I am away from home for 2 weeks, without computer. That is why I am not trying to do something, I am not improving my gig. I am going to do so whenever I will have time. I have no time. Thanks for all of you for advice, I am patient, and I am waiting.

try to implement what others successful sellers said in the above . all the best :grinning:

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Take a breath & give yourself a chance to work things out @orxan1010.

I lost my product key for Microsoft Office and started using Google Docs and their other tools. In fact Google Drive works very well and no fee worries using their products.

Fiverr has some tools to help us like putting ourselves “offline” and limiting our orders, so remember not to stress, but manage what you CAN do.

Putting enough thought in and using trial & error to our advantage, helps us down the road to success. Don’t beat yourself up too much, just learn, then apply what ends up working.

We all need to find our own path.