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Why am I getting duplicate orders? And emails on a false order page?

I’m not sure what’s going on. I love Fiverr…

but yesterday and today, I bought a gig…one each day… but was charged twice, so it showed up as a second, duplicate gig. Any advice on how to correct that??

And then, in the last week… I received two messages on my order page from a provider I haven’t worked with about a gig I didn’t order (see below). Any advice about how to handle??

Thank you!


Dear Hcfinley,

Instantservicez left you a message in regards to the order, ‘I will animate Your Logo in Full HD’:

“Hi There, IT’S TIME to animate your SEXY Designed LOGO with our recommended 24H EXPRESS Delivery Logo Animation Service. ORDER NOW (CLICK ME)”

Sorry I had a similar situation where I noticed a buyer purchased once but their Gig and charge appeared twice. Doing the right thing I gave them the link to contact Fiverr staff to see if they could prevent the duplicate amount being debited fro their PayPal account.
Well, as a result for my good deed even though I provided the client their completed order AND to their full satisfaction… Today I receive an email from Fiverr telling me it was now a complaint, not against the sites obvious glitch but ME!! And to discontinue my work!! WT??
As you see TWICE the gig shows and although I could understand, as I pointed out, them cancelling one order and having her pay for just one they cancel BOTH and then I realise both orders are the same order number?? How could I or the client for that matter possibly be held at fault!? So I am now in a situation that I cannot resolve this with the client as they obviously aren’t on here anymore nor be paid for my work, well done!

Its awful that a business should suffer as a result of the site not functioning correctly.

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In addition it was noted in the Fiverr email that if it gets resolved the buyer will be offered to reorder the Gig. Sorry but having already delivered the Gig plus a bonus Gig at no extra cost to the buyer, they’ve already downloaded them so why would they reorder if they got so much for zero? As nice a buyer as they are I very much doubt I will see my payment for services rendered.