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Why am I getting paid $4 for each gig, instead of $5?

I am a total nube to this site, so please excuse me! Is there a reason I am only getting $4 per gig? Fiverr does not really offer much to me, like Ebay. For example, I paid fees on Ebay, but I got super cheap shipping for my customers in return. Was there some sort of warning when I signed up that I totally missed?

Hi please read fiverr TOS, fiverr will take $1 for each order as their commission…

But I definetly says. When you need a support, fiverr support team definetly rocks. EBay has very poor support. I am a eBay power seller too.

Here on Fiverr, 20% straight goes to Fiverr which i think is very high among other freelancing sites but it is very fair. No membership crap like other. And best thing is you get huge traffic on your gig (if your gig is presented good or have good quality/value for buyers).