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Why am I having problems getting what I ask for?


I have seen a few posts of sellers asking why they can’t get more gigs, well, I’m sure there are a lot of buyers out there that have had the same experience as me and feel the same way.

I’ve been using this site since June last year, I haven’t had many gigs made for me as I’m trying very hard to get my business going.

Last year I had a few gigs made and they were pretty good, and I tipped the person, the next gig I needed they did fair fast, however this time I didn’t tip as I was in a hurry to get this set for a show, the next time I used this person they didn’t correspond very well and the gig was late, it was too late for me to use these gigs and I had to cancel them due to lateness, the seller went mad at me, even though I’d chased them up 2 times, in the end I got my money back, I hadn’t used this site till a few weeks ago, I went to a could of sellers asking for a particular theme, one seller I asked for 2 different gigs which I saw on their page, they got one right, the other gig they did the same (why would I want 2 the same?) I told the seller again what I wanted, he still didn’t get it, after about 4 attempts I said I’d have the first gig but didn’t want the 2nd as it wasn’t what I’d asked for!

I went elsewhere, asked before I placed an order if they could do this, was told yes, next seller was a joke, they didn’t listen to anything I’d said, the gig looked like a child had done it and was something I couldn’t have supplied this to my client, so had to cancel that one too!

3rd seller, they came close to what I wanted but I had to finish the job!

4th Seller has made a gig, I’ve asked for adjustments, that was 3 days ago and they haven’t responded!

One seller kept asking me to give 5 star rating even though they didn’t give me 100% what I asked for!

I thought this was a site that professionals offered their services, but I’m not getting that impression at all. I’m very unhappy with the service I’ve received and have now started doing my own gigs as I can not rely of this site to produce what I need!


Really sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Gigs were related to what which you bought? Fiverr provides a plenty of great and professional sellers, some are not well,though. You shouldn’t have to fed up due to few sellers. [quote=“djmixmaster001, post:1, topic:108880”]
3rd seller, they came close to what I wanted but I had to finish the job!

Why had you finish the job when you got closer one?
Best Regards


Hi Aman,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes they were related to what I brought, the reason I finished the gig off is I’d ask a few times for changes but they just seem to understand what I was talking about and after asking 3/4 times I just got fed up trying to explain so gave up.

Before I order I message the seller and ask can they do the Theme I’m asking for, they have all said yes, but I think that is because they just want to gig even though they don’t really understand what the theme is, I have even supplied pictures to help.

I’m sure there are some very good sellers on here, I just haven’t found them yet, that is why I’ve been teaching myself how to do the gigs now as I can’t rely on this site to do the job, which is a real shame.

Kind regards



Human being is learn from their mistakes.
every single person on fiverr is learning continuously to get more better.Even top rated seller still continue to learn to get more better.

But thier are some newbabies whi dont learn techniques , they want everything as quick as possible .Rather learning they learn tricks and cracks for every single procedure.

when i started fiverr,
I also do many mistakes on fiverr while delivering my order but i learn from my mistakes .
but i always respect my clients .

I request to all new fiverr user dont do request to buyer give me 5 or 4 star rating,also don"t force buyers to share my gigs
Rather then do more practice to get more better on your weaknesses.

you take full advantage of fiverr blog, forum learn every single teachanical things on fiverr.

Also submit a ticket to coustomer care of fiverr, they show you a seminar or tutorial links to how to start fiverr with good skills.

if buyers like your he/she automatically gives you 5 star with good comment , also share you gig with in her / him friend circles.

Coustomer is god,due to coustomer fiverr is born.


Its appreciated to own ones mistakes :wink:.[quote=“pankajsihemar, post:4, topic:108880”]
Human being is learn from their mistakes.

Agreed.[quote=“pankajsihemar, post:4, topic:108880”]
dont do request to buyer give me 5 or 4 star rating

Surly one shouldn’t ask for 5 or 4 stars . One might ask for feedback. [quote=“djmixmaster001, post:3, topic:108880”]
I can’t rely on this site to do the job, which is a real shame

I hope this site ll give you excellent sellers soon. Just don’t give up.:relaxed:



Fiverr ranges from professionals to beginners and everything in between. Some (professional) are amazing, some (beginners) are horrible.

The reason there are so many gigs on logo is because new, no or little experienced sellers, think it’s easy. Word search stolen logo’s on this forum. There are those that Google search, download and pass as their own.

Regardless, do a reverse search to make sure it doesn’t belong to someone else. I’ve had two seperate sellers give me stolen logo, one was a level 2 with glowing review.


There are some good point on here, yes we are only human, and yes we all make mistakes from time to time, but there is no excuse for being incompetent, most of the sellers on here have pictures of some of their work on their profiles, and the ones I’ve seen have been named, tell the seller you want something like (name of the picture) and they give you something completely different, you then tell them no I want (picture name) they say oh sorry I didn’t understand but I do now and then still don’t give you what you’ve asked for, that’s happened to me 2 weeks ago, the first gig they did was very good too.

I know there are some on here that are no good at what they do and I know there are some very good sellers on here that can do a good job, finding them is the hard thing.

I’m the same as some of you, I can’t rely on my photobooth business to make a living from, I too have to work elsewhere, building my business up I need good gigs made easy without too many problems that I can impress my clients so they tell friends how good we are and we get more work which in turn I give more work here.


Hi djmixmaster, if i may ask. What exactly are you looking for to be designed? you can send an inbox message lets discuss.



It’s unfortunate, and saddens me, but your experience isn’t unique.

Finding good sellers can take some time, you will probably have to lay out some funds on smaller gigs as experiments, and even that isn’t guaranteed to find you a seller who can cope well with bigger projects, but it’s a start. It is worth seeing this as a project in itself, then you won’t get disappointed by the failures.

But when you do find yourself a few sellers who get you, and get what you need, and deliver effectively and efficiently, it will be worth it, with the potential to save yourself much time and much money.

I hope you stick around and find your sellers.


I was after a fancy dress theme for this Saturday, but I’ve done it now


Okay, good to know you have finally gotten what you wanted.



Hi capitalquality

That doesn’t surprise me that I’m not the only one, I just wish sellers would say they can’t do a gig rather than say they can just for the money, then they can get funny with you when you say your not happy with their work.


Yes I did it myself :slight_smile:


Oh really? Great! So you got some skills afterall :slight_smile:


Lets just say I’m learning with the help of a few friends :slight_smile:


Cool! Have fun learning :raising_hand_woman: