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Why am I Never Online?

Ok, so I’m logged into Fiverr. I clicked on my dashboard less than 5 minutes ago, just left a reply on a forum post and now my little green online status is set to offline again, - or was until I just refreshed the page and watched it blink back to green.

This is hugely annoying as I’ve noticed since this started happening that I get fewer messages and orders than I used to before I started blinking out as offline every few minutes or so. Also, I’ve noticed that when I do keep making an effort to refresh my dashboard, I do once again get orders and messages.

In this case, why Fiverr?

My logical mind says that I should just set Fiverr to auto-refresh every 3 minutes or so but I’m guessing that this would just get my account flagged for suspicious traffic or similar.

Anyone else having this problem?

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I noticed this too! in fact, I can be on the buyer request page for a few minutes, click refresh to see if anything new comes in and my online status turns off.

Exactly what I am talking about. If there are any Mods reading this, would you be able to check if a setting Fiverr to auto reload would be an issue?

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I’ve also noticed this - seems like there is some kind of automatic timeout - you literally have to refresh a page for fiverr to notice that you are active, and then refresh it again to see that the little dot has turned green…


Yes. I’m really pleased that I am not the only one noticing this. Also, since we know that being online is a huge factor when it comes to new sales and messages, I personally suspect that this might be why many people are experiencing a significant drop in both at present.

i.e. Online Fiverr users will usually appear more predominantly in search results than non-online sellers. Moreover, if you are actually working on a project, the likelihood is that you won’t be constantly refreshing your dashboard in order to incentivise new sales.

On another site I use, I am seen as online for as long as I have the equivalent of my dashboard page open. This is how it should be here (withing reason).

Very senseless and counter-productive really.


I have been noticing this also - so you are not alone! Also, when I search my category for online sellers and my little dot is green, I don’t show up in the search. Does the search algorithm eliminate yourself from the category you are searching? But the marketing algorithm works great because a little while later I get a marketing email prompting me to keep looking for what I was just searching for.

I often experience this, all I do is refresh the page.
Sometimes I’m afraid there is a middle in the man attack. :roll_eyes:

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If you’re using Firefox, it’s probably because of a bug (ie. if it never or only very rarely shows your gig as “online” (an online user) even after using Fiverr for ages even if you never log out (though for me it never lets me log in now).

If you’re using something that works (like Chrome or something like it) this might help:

quote from Fiverr support:

When you sign into your Fiverr account there is a 15-minute delay before the system will show you as online to other users. This is represented by the status dot on your profile picture in the top right. When it is gray you are offline and green is for online. There is a timeout if your page is idle for some time, this is usually 30-45 minutes.

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I have had this problem, I would just click around a bit until the indicator turns green.

Thanks! I use Chrome so I’ll watch for that 15 minute delay.

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