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Why am i not able to sell single gig?


I am new to fiverr but I been working on freelancer for quite sometime and got 100% satisfied customers I wanna take that skills and apply that on fiverr. But, I don’t get any clients, I tried promoting my fiverr on social media.

It would be great if you share your feedback on my profile and my gigs!

It might help me grow on fiverr, Thanks.

@ohitsjagan I know it can be frustrating… Have you taken a look at the Tips for Sellers? There’s A LOT of great information on there that my help you attract buyers. Everything from keywords to SEO and beyond.

Also, have you looked at the “Buyers Requests” section on your Fiverr Sales Page? You can actually submit your gigs to people who are looking for what you have to offer. It’s a way to connect with people and offer you services without them having to find you in the search feature. Competition is a little fierce for some categories but I’m sure you can make your skills stand out and offer the most value for the price.

Just a few thoughts. Good Luck!

According to Fiverr, you just joined the site this month – “August 2015”. There have only been 13 days in August so far. It often takes longer than two weeks to truly find your nitche and start selling. Please be patient. You won’t become successful overnight.

You won’t become successful overnight.

It happens, even sometimes, from your many GIGs only one-two sell,
so think creatively and
I feel that customer only pays when he really got something from seller

Be patient and focus on promoting your gigs. It took me several months to get my 1st sale, i kept promoting it.

Hey man, i think that everybody here had a problem like that, so be patient, also check how much impression you are getting, if it’s too low, maybe change some tags and keywords, it takes some time to have first costumer. My best

I am among the few lucky people who could sell within a day. No matter be not only patient but also creative. Edit your gigs properly so that buyers become interested. Best of luck

Thank you for all of your comments and these inspired me to keep going until that first sales will come. I’m also new like Jagan and just started this month of August. All I could say is to have patience because like they said “Patience is a virtue”. Good luck!

Same here.Its been a week now I’m not able to get any orders or sell any of my gigs!

brother i waited for 6 months before i got my first order. and I have 46k views for a gig and very minimal orders