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Why am I not being promoted to TOP RATED!

I don’t quite understand this process either. The lack of transparency is admittedly frustrating. I too met the requirements for TRS almost a year ago and have almost since doubled them. I get nothing but raving 5 star reviews, many of my clients even mentioned having worked with other top rated or pro sellers and finding my work to be far superior. I’m highly educated and experienced in my field. I offer a variety of targeted gigs in my field.

Overall, having looked through many other profiles, including top rated and other level 2 sellers, it’s pretty evident to me that I have some of the best quality work and highest level of experience of almost anyone on the platform in my field. So I just don’t really know at this point what else I can do to show that I’m deserving of the TRS badge when I run circles around all or most of their current TRS sellers.

Considering the volume of orders and sales I already do, I’m actually surprised they don’t upgrade me for for the sole reason that it would earn them far more money. I successfully charge just as much and sometimes more money than the top rated sellers and still manage to keep a full queue so I would assume it would mathematically be in their best interest to promote people to TRS who are making the most money per order, or who already have a high level of earnings as opposed to people charging far less per order. The TRS badge would simply be a multiplier on what is already a high number by leading to a further increase in sales.

I do wish that they would at least tell you why you have not be upgraded so you have the ability to try and fix that issue. I don’t like the not knowing or the feeling that there is one small thing that is forever keeping you from getting TRS that you are unaware of or can’t change.

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Although I’m not a TRS I fully agree with what you say Frank. I’ve been making very reasonable money as a level 2 without being a TRS. Don’t get me wrong I’d still like to be a TRS but from a business point of view I’m happy.

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This is the reason I fear I will never get to TRS despite having met the requirements a year ago and now almost doubling them.

I’m a very professional person, I know how to communicate clearly, and do this 99% of the time. However, on rare occasions I get some really rude or scam artist clients who instigate and create contentious situations. When a client is trying to scam me, call me a scammer, or insulting me, I think it warrants me fighting back a bit, which I do when a client crosses the line. Part of the reason I feel the need to defend myself is that CS doesn’t always seem to have a history of helping sellers when dealing with problematic buyers.

In other words, I don’t think it’s fair to judge a seller based on rare interactions with clearly out of line buyers who are breaking the TOS. Would you be mad at a store owner who yelled at and threw out a customer whom they caught stealing from them? The answer is no.

As long as you are professional when you need to be professional… I’m known for speaking my mind and being quite… energetic in my replies, let’s put it that way. That hasn’t stopped me from being TRS or invited to PRO. You don’t need to be passive and submissive. You just need to do it smartly.

Who did you contact?

Top Rated Seller are manually picked.

What you got was just the possibility to chosen by fiverr staff. It could take months, years or forever. Fiverr team now decides if you become a TRS or not.

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Just wanted to post an update since I have gotten TRS since my last post.

In my case it took a full year after having met the requirements. I met them in Februrary ad was promoted in January. This also leads to a theory that they just do all the TRS promotions at the beginning of the year. Rather than evaluate things every month. They might just pull together all the people that have met the requirement, then in one motion just promote them all (unless there is an outlier that really shouldn’t have it). I had this theory while waiting for my own promotion and given the timing, of mine, I’m wondering if I was correct. One other thing that leads me to believe this is that it seemed that besides just me, a bunch of new top rated sellers appeared at the same time.


I had contacted the fiverr CS.

Most people aren’t getting promoted to Top Rated Seller (TRS), even when they meet all the requirements. It’s really a matter of luck, being picked among the pile. I know people with amazing sales numbers, long queues, who haven’t been promoted.

Contacting CS won’t help, they’re not the ones who pick the TRS’s. In fact, I don’t think anyone knows the editors that do.


Yes, absolutely. I’ve been fulfilling the TRS levels for years and usually have a queue and thousands of 5 star reviews but have still not made it. I remain hopeful…


Maybe try taking out the word “essays” from a couple of your gigs as Fiverr might think it could be academic work. Maybe it might make a difference if they check for that.

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Interesting how it seems it is not crystal clear how someone obtains TRS badge. I mean the criteria.

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It’s clear. Fiverr selects people based on their sales numbers, reviews (public and private), how many TRS are in their category, etc.

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Though it’s not totally clear because they won’t make the actual (full) criteria public. They probably don’t want people to know for whatever reason. Maybe some would give up trying as they’ll think they’d probably never get it (maybe that’s one reason why they don’t give the full criteria) or maybe they want to keep changing the full criteria so don’t publicise the full criteria for that reason too.

Well… I can see why it’s not public, because they can choose whomever they see fit. It’s their website, their own ranking system, their own choice.

That being said, it’s clear that you need to stand out in some way.