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Why am I not getting any clients despite providing professional services with all my gigs?


If you visit my profile, you can see that I have a 100% completed profile with all my gigs shining like fresh armors ready for a war. I have shown my professional ability and skills in the gigs, to the utmost way possible, yet I am not getting any clients or any messages at all. Can someone please take a look at my profile and my gig and help me out a bit please.

I’ll forever be in debt for your help

Thank you
Kind Regards

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Your GIGs are clean and look good, and well above board in that regard. My advice is to look for those buyer requests, stay online all the time ( beeing online might trigger a message from a potential client who looks for online sellers). The beginning is always hard, but if you give it time, with the way you present your services, adding on top of that a good english, you will get clients and have succes here on Fiverr.

Fiverr does not offer clients on a plate, there is a lot of competition :slight_smile:

Good luck


Thank you bro, for taking the time and taking a look at my profile. I just finished creating all the gig yesterday to be honest. Being a bit impatient here lol

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I am impressed by the videos you used for your gigs, as a small suggestion when making such a video try to make it a bit more alert, i felt at times the flow was a bit slow on some of the videos ( but this should not impact your gig performance).

Thank you man, I have a diversified experience. I can use a lot of softwares and those videos were made by me too… To be honest, I did feel what you are talking about. Might just change them again in a few weeks time.

By the way, do you have any idea when the gig impression view clicks will be back

No idee, keep looking on the form for updates and on the gig analytics.

I think we need to have a little chat about supply and demand.

Don’t say things that aren’t true. This is not how a marketplace works.

It’s physically impossible for all sellers who meet that criteria to get sales.

If a needle in a haystack is the best needle ever, does that make it more visible in the haystack? No. Does that change the reality that it is a needle in a haystack and that no one needs to find it? No.

I touched the subject of visibility in a previous post here. If taking one sentence out of context it’s not a universal truth for you, I can live with that.

Anyway, I am trying to help abusayedc and tell him that he is doing good so far, he really does. What is the purpose of your post?

You missed my point.

You said as this person has x, y and a qualities, they WILL get a sale. That’s untrue. You are not guaranteed sales by being of great quality.

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Theory aside, here on Fiverr with the way he is presenting he’s services ( and not to talk badly of other sellers) he is bound to succeed giving it enough time.

And could you please stop picking on my posts and try and address a few words to our fellow seller maybe even look at he’s descriptions and give him usable advice? It’s about abusayedc not me.

Have a nice day

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That’s what I’m saying. Your presentation doesn’t dictate whether you get sales or not. At all. That’s not how business works. If there ar 500 buyers and 800 sellers who have a great presentation, does that mean they all get sales? No. Do the math.

If you want to help him, stop saying things that aren’t true. I’m “picking on” you because you’re saying very misleading things that aren’t true.

If he wants my help he can read the literally hundreds of posts I’ve written in the forum o this topic instead of expecting me to repeat myself.

Promising him sales with nothing sales-related to base that on is not “helping.”

abusayedc having a good description, good videos, well-chosen keywords are not the in themselves going to bring you clients, but they will go a long way towards that goal.

Another piece of advice. The buyers request for the new sellers: Each buyer’s request accepts a limited number of offers from new sellers after which will not appear in the profile of new sellers. So you refresh often the buyer’s request page and when you see a request make an offer.

My experience with the buyer request option is as follows. There are two types of requests

  1. From other new sellers trying out this option - and usually, they are short with not very clear instructions or details about the work to be done.

  2. From actual clients who most of the time make a detailed request and some post also a picture of the work that needs to be done.

If you suspect a request is from a seller, go to the sent offers section to copy the user name, and search for it in the buyers mode.

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

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wow!! thank you so much for this insight. really helpful bro. I am going to try it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on these forums it’s @humanissocial speaks the truth!

While your gigs do look very appealing, you’re competing with many other sellers on Fiverr selling similar services - some of them established and with good feedback.

I think it’s going to be a waiting game for you. I would like to think that sooner rather than later someone will place an order, like what you do, and then reward you with 5-star feedback.

That often sets the ball rolling for further orders.

For what it’s worth, I think you’ve been very clever with your pricing. From my perspective, your gigs are cheap enough that someone will hopefully give you a break, but not so cheap to shout “I am desperate and will do anything”.

Another thought, and I would be very interested to hear what other longterm sellers think about this (as I’m not saying I’m correct!), you’ve got 7 gigs all priced differently - but to my layman’s eye (I’m not a designer) they all offer similar services?

I’m wondering whether this is a little confusing and might be off-putting for a potential buyer? I’m thinking maybe by offering 3 gigs it might simplify your offering. You could then offer different packages within each gig.

As I say, I’m not suggesting that’s the answer to why you’re not getting orders, but I think it’s worth exploring. Anyone else? By the way, it’s actually a pleasure to try and help someone who clearly cares and has already put in some effort off their own back. Others could learn from you.


Thank you for the kind shoutout! Being great doesn’t override the principles of sales and economics.

As you explain with your advice, you build around what can increase your value while also helping you compete. You can’t do that if you’re operating on the false idea that greatness=sales. It doesn’t.

Great words, could you kindly check my profile and gig and suggest me some ways of making it better??

Hey there, thank you so much for writing all that out.

No they do not sell the same services, there are a variety. Basically i took a pen and paper, and then strategically wrote on the seven gigs, so that there are similarity but there are strong differences that make each gig different from another

As I said I have already given a lot of advice on the forum in many other gig review posts that would apply to you. Browse that section.

If you want advice on your own gig it should occur you to read other threads in that section asking this same question.

Well, that told me straight! No problem.

Ok, let me try and offer some encouraging words. You might have heard of the saying ‘the cream rises to the top’. If not, it basically means you’ve got something decent to offer, and I’d like to think it won’t be long before you’ll get noticed and given a break.

The problem is that the Fiverr marketplace is saturated with sellers - some good, some great, and some not so good. Buyers are spoilt for choice.

You only need to read the forums to see that every few posts there’s one that says something like “new seller, not getting any sales”. To be quite blunt (and this won’t make me popular), a lot of those new sellers have profiles and gigs that need a bit of work to say the least, whereas your offering is already attractive visually, professionally and financially. I think it’s just going to be a matter of time for you.

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Thank you so much. Means a lot… Really hoping to start my career here finally. Keep me in your prayers