Why am i not getting any orders? Please review my gig



  1. Language. Since you propose yourself as an experienced professional in the field of names and brands, thus essentially as someone who is an expert in the field of words, prospective buyers expect from you an excellent level of writing. Instead you managed to provide, in the space of a few lines, the following pearls:
  • bussiness instead of business, both in url and in the description.
  • Sadly, the URL is no more editable. You should start over.
  • sucessfull instead of successfull
  • Im instead of I’m
  • i instead of I. Capitalize.
  • Unsure what you mean with M.B.G. but I checked on Urban Dictionary and I deeply regret it
  1. You are aiming to customers that usually prefer to find for themself the name of their creations.
    To name some: companies, writers and musicians.

  2. If even they should need to find a name, they need a single name, not a bulk of names.
    You should, of course, offer the option to choose from a series of proposals, but first of all you should propose a research for a single name.

  3. The picture is cheap, predictable, bland, unoriginal.


wow. Thanks for your honest review.