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Why am i not getting any orders to this gig?

why am i not getting order to this gig? any help ?

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I bet one big reason is that the market is tremendously over-saturated. A quick search for “book cover” nets 4,803 results…and you’re not on the first page. I didn’t dig to see where you are in the search results, but with that many competitors, you’ll have to work extra hard to bring in the buyers.

You might consider creating a promo video on your gig to introduce your services. (This is recommended by Fiverr anyway.)

Make sure you have good, solid keywords.

Have a look at your competition and see what top sellers are doing in their gigs. Are your prices comparable? Be sure to see what others are offering for the same price point, or close to it.

With the book cover market, you are going to have a to do a lot of reaching out to get buyers.


Thank you for the response. !