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Why am I not getting any orders yet I have traffic

I have been on fiverr for at least a month and i have not gotten an order on my gig. I have tried promoting my gigs on social media cites which has brought in a little traffic since i am not that popular. Im not sure if there is something wrong with my gig. Can you guys give me some advice on what i can do to get my first order

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Stay online . try some eye catching images

I have some really eye catching colours in my design.Im not sure what is wrong.I wish i can post a link for the gig for you to share your feedback on it but i dont think im allowed to share those links here.I heard mobile is the best way to always be online so i have the app,but i think there is something im missing

Try to stay online on Laptop or PC! mobile app is not suitable for online status !

Thank you for your feedback i will try to use my laptop more

Be sure you’re marketing to the right audience. Do you know your target market?

This might be my problem im making vector art of people so my target is everyone

Sales are low these days due to COVID-19. But things will be better soon. Just dont give up.


Thanks.I wont give up

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Thats more like it. :+1:

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Are you crazy ? Don’t you think that about the effect of corona ?

I can assure you that your market is not ‘everyone’. (I, for one, am not remotely interested in this product.)

To give you a nudge, your market is NOT:

  • people who can do this type of thing themselves
  • people who have no interest in parody-art
  • children or grandparents
  • low-income demographics

give lot of time on fiverr community

I am looking at it from a short term view and not as long term. Im not doing it full time its just something on the side that i can make some cash from based on what i can do as an artist

That doesn’t matter. If the target’s behind you, you still need to turn around before you fire a shot. It’s true you don’t need a bulls-eye, but you still should be aiming in the right direction.

I see that now I will find a way to edit out the gig

Do you have more advice as to what i can make from the gig

If you mean delete it, no you don’t have to do that. You just need to find your market and aim your promotion to them.

As for advice:
Check out the Tips For Sellers category: You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories, and be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips.)

I also have gathered a bunch of helpful links in the (RRD) section of this post:

hey buddy, How are you?
If you want to get success on fiverr .
you may follow these instruction:

  1. Try to active on fiverr all-time. you may use any types of refresher extension. Also give more time on fiverr community.
  2. recherche your gig which service you provide , & give a suitable gig title.
  3. Use eye-catching & beautiful gig images. Also try to make image seo.
  4. Add good & useful description.
  5. Use a good seo title.
  6. Add useful tag on your gig.
  7. Try to make social marketing two times on a days on your every social media.
  8. try to make good communication to your buyer. & provide them the best services.

I hope it will be help you to get success on fiverr.

Thank you for the info