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Why am I not getting any orders

I suspect @coolbird001 means that you can have more credibility with prospective buyers if you get reviews from different people and to do that you need business from multiple buyers.

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Perhaps. But shouldn’t a business focus be on impressing whomever hires you, no matter whether they are new or old clients? Impress the repeat clients, and give them reasons to come back over and over again. Repeat clients are what a business strives for. Repeat clients continue to bring in business, and you, as a seller, already have a relationship with them, so there’s an element of ongoing trust.

The more potential customers see how well you treat your trusted clients, the more they are likely to want to become one of them – thus increasing your most valuable source of revenue.

I get that you want more new customers, @coolbird001 , but that means you’re going to have to go out and find them. Market and promote your services to those people – wherever they can be found. New customers are earned. If you’re just sitting back expecting new customers to flock to your gigs, without doing anything to earn them, then, do you really deserve new customers to begin with?

Your Fiverr gigs are a business. If you want new customers – if you want new sales, you’re going to have to EARN them.

Credibility is earned through trust. Build trust, and you’ll start to draw in new clients.


Certainly. I’m not at all saying that there’s a problem with continuing to impress repeat customers. Of course you should.

I’m just saying I understand why she wants more than repeat customers.


Right answer. Impress the repeat clients, and give them reasons to come back over and over again.

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lol i don’t have that mean to say i love that everyone love that but but getting more orders i always give you happiness

Is it either high volume of order OR high paying order that you are looking for?

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i know how to impress my repeated buyer and i have no problem with this but do you ever think if repeated buyers are not giving you as much outcome as new buyers can give you like there is possibility that new buyer is more then perfect as compared to repeated buyers
lets suppose you have repeated buyer but he is giving you order of 5 dollars a day but on the other hand new buyer give you 100-200 dollars a days i think you understand why i m say we need new buyers

what ever it would be gives you pleasure lol jokes a part
i need more potential clients to expand my business

yes you are right i m having a same vision

I checked your gigs and i could say that it will be impossible to achieve that amount of earnings unless you have a gig that much more advanced than your existing gigs and also well-targeted to the market needs. I mean, how come you could get a high paying orders if your gigs are the kinds of common graphic design works? Of course it would be possible if you don’t mind with doing a hundred of background removals or logos a day for a hundred dollars. Besides, there are too many sellers that offer the same services as yours, so logically it explains why you are not getting orders.

Personally speaking, repeat buyers actually give me the constant stream of income. Orders and earning are fluctuative of course, but the average income that i earned from repeat buyers are bigger than i could earn from new buyers. Well, that’s just my experience :wink:


but these are full fill the customer need so why don’t we do these? as you see n i observed my gigs appealing are good enough to fight with market need

If new orders are what you want check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Like I said, if you want new customers, go out and find them:


Hi there ! This is my first post on the forum. I have completed 2 orders and got good reviews on that. Unfortunately have not got any order after that. I have reviewed my gig several times and sent buyers requests as I see those but no luck. Its a data searching and M.S. Excel work that I really focus and do with great expertise. I also do graphic work and have a logo gig too. Please suggest about how and where to advertise.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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You are going to have to figure that out on your own. Who are your target customers, and where can they be found? Do some research to determine these things, and then find creative ways to connect to those customers at those places.

This is my question actually. How to find where do they land often? For Example for a data searcher how to find its target audience? I also am doing research on it.
Thanks for your response anyway :slight_smile:

you can use google and find like buyer how buyer think and search you service you offer think like buyer and try to use google search to find tags

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another thing I want anyone to see and comment on my gig…but the post is flagged since it is followed by a link…which I think is thought to be an advertisement. Then how to get the gig viewed?

If you want to advertise your gig you need to create your own topic under the category My Fiverr Gigs.

Here is a note of the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's for future reference.


same reason, i can’t also get