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Why am i not getting any orders!

i am not getting any orders or clicks i am only getting impressions, i have done everything to make it better.


If you have impressions and no clicks it means that people see your gig but not interested enough to click on it.


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I think you know what you should do. As you are getting impression it means people see your gigs but they are not interested with the service that you are providing. Try to make your gig description uniquely not copying others. Optimise your gig title and also the gig tags. Research on Fiverr keywords. Hopefully you will get your order soon.

same here…:frowning:
But never lose hope… just keep trying… success will come soon :heart:


Keep sending buyer request based on buyer requirements and stay online as much as you can. Hope you will get the order soon

I had create my account 2017. But Long term i am not active on fiverr. One Month ago i am active my gig. My gig show impression but i am not get any order till now. what can i do for this movement. Please share your valuable information so that i get my first order as soon as possible.

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From my understanding, “impressions” just means that the gig has turned up in search when someone’s looking for a particular keyword … but doesn’t necessarily turn up on the first screen of results, or even the first page.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to research other gigs in the same category as you, reverse engineer them … and make yours better than theirs. Don’t copy. Be creative.

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Same here, no buyers … no idea why =(

Same happen with me. what can i do at this time?

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