Why am i not getting any Orders?


Hi Everyone !!! :slight_smile:

I have been using Fiverr for over a Month and I have 7 Gigs and i think they are all well optimized. Iam one of those persons who work for Quality rather than money. But even said so i do need some orders and here iam with my sad face :frowning: !!! I tried to share my gigs on social sites and i know i can do everything really good that’s why i made the gigs. But still no orders :frowning: !!!

This is my Profile


What should i do now? Any advice by the Fiverr Guruz ?


Thanks :slight_smile: But i was hoping to do it solo. You know " One Man Army " type thing. I’ve already done work with some Fiverr users when i wasn’t aware of Fiverr. They keep sending me projects and i was doing it all for them. So you can understand how low would they be paying me for all that work.

I don’t know how they attracted clients but i think i should give Fiverr a shot. Maybe i could do something here. I just don’t know how to bring clients. That’s all. Other than that i can design anything that i have mentioned in my gigs. :slight_smile:


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