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Why am I not getting any response?


Hi fellow friends,
I’ve created my gig a long time but I am not even getting any response or orders from it. Can you please help me or let me know what changes it needs?
Any help will be highly appreciated.


Do use better tags if you want to rank in Fiverr Searches you will have to spend some time to check other same gigs that are ranking and take note of them what they are doing different.

Moreover, don’t rely on just one gig if you have multi skills try to make gigs and use the Buyer Request effectively to get some orders


Thanks for great suggestions.


As you are new mostly you will need to go for Buyer Request section. Read the request and if you think you can do the job just elobrate a ittle how you will do his work and try to attarct the customer.

Never use a copy paste request and send it to all that will never work


I do use copy and paste, but no replies. thanks for the info.


“long time”? Dude, are you kidding me? Please, it has not even been a month since you created your account. Several sellers (who are TRS and Level 2 sellers right now) only got their first order a few months after they created their gigs.

You need more patience. It is not like the customers/buyers are queuing up to get the opportunity of a lifetime by working with sellers on Fiverr. It is very competitive here. You need to promote your gigs and fine-tune all the elements pertaining to your gigs and profile. Also, keep any eye out for buyer requests. If you have any doubts regarding buyer requests, just do a simple search on this forum (by using the search tool on the top right hand side of the forum page), and you will get a lot of informative forum posts on the topic.

Wishing you the best!


Thank you so much, dear.


Copy paste will never work you will need to go through each request as everyones requirements are different so understand it