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Why am I not getting impressions?

I have created a gig about a year ago but really didn’t think to much about it or fiverr in general, so I paused it. For about a week now I started it again and improved everything about it. I created a more interesting title, added a video and better photos. I am not saying my gig is the best but I still think is better that a lot of others that get a lot of orders.

I also have 3 5 star reviews on it from buyers requests but that didnt seem to change anything. I also created other gigs that got even less impressions.
Could it be that I was absent for a year from fiverr?

your Compotator get more order , if you just visit their profile then you will notice that , they are worked with fiverr more then 2-3 years or more then that , And They have positive review and more buyer engaged. Fiverr will give priority to those seller who will get more sell .