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Why am i not getting messages and/or orders from buyers

Why am i not getting orders? Could it be because of my location?

I’ m into article writing.
What can i do to improve my gigs?


The thing is that if you are writing your gigs the same as you wrote this topic then it’s unlikely that you’ll get a lot of orders.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with your country as we know a lot of great writers from there on fiverr.

However you made a lot of mistakes in your above post. I’m not a native speaker and even I can’t spot loads of mistakes in your short message here.


Hi Mariashtellelle.

I know about the mistakes made in the above topic. it was made on purpose which i can’t go into details. I appreciate your response and i assure you, the errors made on this post can never be found in my gigs. You can take a look at my gigs to be convinced. And, thanks again. Your correction is well appreciated.

Nobody expects people to write 100% perfect in a forum post, however, if you write like this on purpose for whatever reason, and people compare your forum posts with your gig descriptions, they’ll probably think someone else wrote those descriptions and that you outsource your orders, just something to keep in mind, this forum is public and any potential buyer might check for your username.

Anyway, I looked at your link and you got a review only 22 hour ago and you already are posting about no new orders - you might need a bit more patience. It’s possible but there’s no guarantee of getting orders or even messages every day even after having had an order or two.
You could make use of your downtime to do a forum search on how to get more orders and such, there are lots of good threads with actionable tips, or set up some more niche gigs if you haven’t reached your limit of 7 gigs yet.


Hi Miiila.

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. i appreciate.