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Why am I not getting much orders?

Hi! Almost two months ago, I made a gig which started getting some buyers, before I became a level 1 seller and even for a while after that, I was getting orders regularly, it was like one order after every 2 or 3 days, but now it is getting real slow, I received last order 7 days ago, while there are lucky people (mostly from western countries) who get hell lot of orders in comparison to my total number 20 in less than a month. Can you guys please visit my gig and give me your advise based on your great experience on fiverr, as to where do I lack and how can I increase my sales? I am posting to social media and book marking posts and my gig views and clicks are good, conversion rate was mostly 3 or 2.5 which is now 1.9. Please give me your valuable suggestions.

Better yet, I will answer the question you posted when you started this thread. The answer is: that’s the reality of any business. Sometimes it gets busy, sometimes it gets slow. If you feel you want to do something, try promoting yourself on social media. Otherwise, learn patience.