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Why am I not getting order. And low impressions and views on my gig

Hi, hope you all are doing good.I just wanted to ask why am I not getting orders.
Can someone please review my gig and profile.And tell what I have to change to get orders.


I just reviewed your gig and I didn’t find any serious problem. Maybe you should be more specific in your category. ( I am not competent in this field.) But some example of the issues will be some help.

The people who will be looking for your service also can’t identify their problem. This is your chance to prove your professionalism while you write your gig.

Therefore, please don’t forget, in Fiverr, there is an enormous number seller with the fewer buyer.

Don’t be discouraged you are on a right path and in Fiverr community many people will try to help.


Thank you so much for your precious suggestion and I will try to add some details about what I will fix in my gig.

Anyone who wants to add something more to it?

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brother try to be online as mush as you can

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how much impressions and views do you have?

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“110” Impressions and “30” views.The gig was created 10 days ago.
But the thing is in last 2 days my gig didn’t get any impressions or review.
Suddenly it stopped getting impressions.

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go to selling > gigs

all your gigs will be show there

you can see drop down option on the left side?

Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days
Last 3 Month
Last 6 Month

when you select Last 30 days, you can see all impressions and views.

Good Luck !

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Yeah I know that I have checked and mentioned in the comment above , the number of impressions and views in last 30 days.Can you check my gig and give me more suggestions on how to get more orders as gulanjulianna suggested in her comment.

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where is your profile link?

getting order is hard, but never stop trying. one day you will be success.
here is some suggestion/tips.

  1. share your gig links and profile link on social network sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus and tumblr
  2. create a website related to your service (this will help you more to get orders)
  3. keep online yourself even you are sleeping, (download fiverr app) because when buyer search any service mostly online sellers will be show. (you can also search on fiverr and you can see only those sellers will be show which are online)
  4. Use quara website to promote your gigs free. (quara is popular in google search engine)
  5. You can also promote your gigs here in Fiverr form.



great advice bro thankss