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Why am i not getting order kindly check out my gigs and tell me how i can improve them?


Hopefully all of you will be fine.i tried my best to get an order on fiverr from last two months but all in vain. now i am tired. Kindly suggest me how i can get order. you can check my profile here



I’m just visit your gigs. Your gig for logo is very bad. You must upload better images and work on it. When I look your images on logo gig, first what I think is “did he do it in paint?” Go to fiver search bar and type logo, and you will see why you don’t have orders.

I think, logo design is not your professional side. On your profile I see that you have experience with Html, css, php… Create gig for Website services, maybe you will be more effective.


What about my background removal gig?
Which type of images i need to upload?
i am Graphics Designer and Developer that why i am offering graphics gigs.


Sorry my friend, but your skills for logo design are very bad, the real graphic designer will never upload images like yours. It’s not my intention to offend you, but you must now that, for your good.

Like I said you before, go to Fiverr search bar and type logo design and photoshop background removal and you will see other sellers images examples.

You have a lot of topics on this forum, how to improve your gigs…

If you are graphic designer than you have skills to make amazing logos and show that work to buyers. In one gig you can upload 5 images, 2 of 5 are in PDF format. Some sellers like me, put 10-15-20 logos in 1 image, and you can do that too. Visit gigs from other sellers, and you will see.


Ok Thanks i will focus on my images.