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Why am I not getting order with 38 impressions, 13 clicks and 16 views

I have generated a Gig 1 month ago. I have 38 impressions, 13 Clicks and 16 Views. But I have got no offer message or order yet. Will you please guide me in this regard?


hello, if this will make you better i have more than 200 clicks on 1 gig and i didn’t received a single order , believe me am really good at what i do, my gig is perfectly setup and the work i promote is excellent. so it must be the word issue that we are facing.

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Thank you very much for sharing your views on my problem.
Will you please explain about word issue?

Bro it will take time to get need to still promote your Gig

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Thank u very much.

Bro send proposals to buyers will get order.I got all my orders from sending proposals to buyers requests.

I’ve only had a buyer request show up once in that area and it had 125 other people submit an offer too it… I still gave my best offer but there’s no way to compete with that many other people. How do you get more buyer requests to show up? Because currently I almost never see one.

Hi brother. I have also didn’t get any buyer request till now. I think the covid situation is affecting here also. Lack of works. So at this time we need to promote our gig to maximum publicity and improve our response and ratings. By settling all this covid situation I think we should get our works.
Just wait and stay with hope…be positive :blush: :blush:

Buyers requests are showing as normal situations.

That number isn’t reason to think you should be getting orders.


People first check your gig title, you should impress them there, once they get impressed they will start scrolling your gig images and video, they will also check your previous work, once they find it interesting they Will click your gig, They will now check your gig description and you must impress them with your english usage write a clean and neat gig include a services tab with bullet points each, next they will check your pricing if they find it within their budget and helpful they ll drop you a message. Within the conversation make them feel you are perfect for his job and get the order.