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Why am I not getting orders after 3 months on Fiverr


Good day Fiverr Community,

I have been on Fiverr for the past 3 month, I am currently unemployed and would love to work full-time from home. I recently updated my gigs image and description. I am getting 500- 975 impressions and over 30-95 views on my gigs but have only made 2 sales so far…what am I doing wrong… Can you guys look at my gigs and tell me what I might be doing wrong and how to get sales.
I would really appreciate your honest constructive opinion and blessings unto you in advance.
Here is my Fiverr account link :


I think having a gig video is very important, especially for your best seller. Also check other sellers tags that offer the same services that you do and try to update yours.


Sis try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for :point_right::point_right: and never give up success definitely come your door


An unemployed cold caller? No such thing. :slight_smile:

I turn away hundreds of dollars of cold calling work every single day on Fiverr. Literally.

Record yourself on the phone with a contact. (Use a voice recorder app on your cell phone.) “Hello, can I speak to the person in charge of advertising?..” Not a real contact, or you might be in trouble for using it.

(You could call me like I was a target and you could make a sample mp3 you could use as your gig profile! Message me.)

You have to ask yourself: Would you even want to get busy cold calling? Cold calling is miserable work. That’s what keeps there from being much supply of it, and there is always demand for it.


Absolutely agree. If you’re going to represent a business then they wish to hear you first.


Long period
Its high time to change gig details
And promote gig to your selecred audience



Kool…I never would have never thought of making a mp3 recorder (which is so needed for a telemarketing…thanks for the insight…will definately do…blessings unto u


Lastay…u know I was thinking of making gig videos (at the back of my head)…but just hearing it from someone else…is double confirmation…thanks and blessings unto you.


@electrousbanton Are you Sending offer in buyers request or not ?


Yes, I agree. I think it is a good solution.


yes i am sending out offers for buyers request