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Why am I not getting orders on my gig?

Somebody please tell me why am I not getting orders on my gig?


We have no idea why you aren’t “getting orders”. Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need your services? That would be one good way to earn more sales.


yeah I’m promoting on social media. would you please give me some suggestions to improve my gig??

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I can tell you that not everything sells. Either there’s too much competition or nobody wants it.

Sometimes even what used to be a popular gig might stop getting orders.

I see you only have one gig with a lot of services. Maybe some of those services can be individual gigs, like “Email Searching for Companies.”

I searched “email lookup” and nobody’s using it. What most people use is “email search.” Even then, don’t expect a lot of orders, the fellows on the first row had very few reviews.


If your gigs do not sell:

  1. Your portfolio show has not been prominent, there is no buyer review, not trusted, writing is still bad.

  2. Marketing gigs, you have to do.

  3. Anyone who wants to use your service. Or what is called the mailing list / email marketing