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Why am I not getting orders past 3 months?

I have been on fiverr for 3 months and my gigs are very attractive packed with keywords and much more
I have got one order from my father but them my gig got deleted as i selected the wrong image by mistake
Now the order is gone :frowning:
Will people still buy from me?
Edit -PLEASE STOP REPORTING MY POST UNNECESSARILY I have not broken any fiverr tos
If I have plz let me know then report


I am also waiting for my first orde.


I have got my first order from my parents side but gig got deleted

I promote my gigs on Facebook anyways
no thanks

@anvith_619 All the best for your future

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I never understood why people promote their gig on social media instead of promoting themselves and their talent.

How can your father order you on fiverr?

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Your other one gig delete soon because Fiverr not allow duplicate gigs.

ty so much!
I really appreciate it

I asked my father if he can place an order trough his phone on my bday and he said okay :slight_smile:

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I know that i chose the wrong image by mistake i was supposed to put the image below it and it got removed :frowning:
everything is written by me and is 100 percent original
That one image messed up my account

Why whats wrong?
If you go spam others saying by my gig becuase my sis has covid 19 or something then thats not a good idea
Promotion helps in getting orders and also helps you rank as if people give a hearth to your gig then fiverr ranks it higher as they think it is getting a lot of attention and people like it
Lame example but you get the point
Dont take this as an insult but even you are promoting your gig by showing your gigs link in your profile so you must be knowing why we promote :smiley:
Have a great day!

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Ok. A great birthday present indeed! But it’s a good idea not to get orders from family members on Fiverr.


There is nothing to worry, if the gig is denied, create another gig which shows your own work. You will get orders by doing some of the things below
To get more orders and sales, make your gigs attractive use catchy thumbnails and tags and correct SEO.
Send all 10 Buyer request in a professional and precised way to get orders. But do not fully depend on that, you need to do marketing yourself.
Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks normally to get first order if you send all 10 buyer request daily. For me, it took only 9 days to get my first order. After the first order is completed others orders will follow unexpectedly. You need to be patient.
Try to impress buyers if they inbox you to receive an order.
Keep your work sample / portfolio ready, because many buyers ask for it before placing an order.

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Hey bro
patience is the key, Keep working hard and make your gigs best of all, send 10 buyer requests daily, Value feedback more and eventually you will grow and never lose hope.

Best of Luck

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Thankk you so much for your advice!!

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I will try my best
Thank you for your adivice

Your gig does not “rank” higher if someone saves your gig by using the heart feature. All that does is bookmark your gig so they can find it easier later on. The only way what you’re talking about can be effective, is if it translates into sales.

Now ask yourself which method you think will get you more sales

(A) Posting a link to your gig all over social media saying “I create minimalist logos with perfection and satisfaction” (roughly taken from your description on your gig).


(B) Displaying mock-up designs you have created for yourself or work you have completed for other satisfied customers in the past.

Concept A can easily be done over and over again 10 times a day, 7 days a week, just by copy and pasting. While concept B displays your talent, skill, and effort, showing your viewers you are more than just a bot who copies the same link over and over again.

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Yo I am just says no by watching A lot of YouTube videos in how to rank higher
It said if you save a gig it helps to rank higher but you too may be right
But it’s our wish if we want to promote or not
It just helps is increase our sales and also clicks views and impressions
If you don’t feel promoting gigs is right then you can stick with your opinion
I was initially thinking the same just like you
But when I started promoting my mindset changed
If you go and promote by saying or smaping others to buy your gigs then that’s wrong and I don’t do that but if you add a link to your profile on social Midea so that people can check our gigs out then it can help
Also whenever you before publish any gig fiverr tells promoting your gigs brings 3 times more orders or something correct me if I am wrong there are many YouTube videos also saying to promote your gigs
Just don’t go to groups and say to buy my gig
Spam in groups for orders

In short you aren’t fully understanding what I’m saying. I rather promote my skill/talent (instead of a link), that way people will see what i’m capable of immediately. If they like what they see and need something done, they will then contact me and ask how can they set something up.

That is when I share a link with them.

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