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Why am i not getting sales?

So i’m a level 2 seller here on fiverr and when i was a level 1, i would get 4 to 5 orders a day. now i’m lucky if i get 1. I don’t understand why it went down. I advertise A LOT and i still don’t get many sales. Can someone maybe check out my page and see if there’s something i could maybe change? Here’s the link

If you’re relying on the Fiverr search for your sales, then there isn’t much you can do. Search is automatic, and changes often. And you have to roll with the changes. That’s just how it is.

However, you always have control over how and where you market and promote your gigs. There is always room for improvement (in anything) when it comes to marketing and promotion. Mix things up a bit, find new places (where your customers are) to share your gig links. Blog about your gigs… make sure Google knows about your gigs, and find ways and places to get into Google’s search rankings.

Your gigs are fine as they are, although, it never hurts to have your gig images be as eye-catching as possible. Fiverr search does drop older gigs in the “rankings” over time. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing something wrong, though. Just be persistent, keep promoting your gigs, and don’t expect a certain level of sales. Because when you specifically expect something – or compare your own sales level to other people’s gigs, you set yourself up for disappointment when your own gigs don’t perform on the same level.

Do whatever you can to be seen (within the rules of the sites or places you promote), and then have great customer service for when people do purchase your gigs. The rest is, unfortunately, beyond your control.