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Why am I not level 1 yet? I seem to fulfill all requirements

I seem to fulfill all requirements, but am not level 1 yet. I havent had any cancellations at all, though I did ask for more time for a gig, with customer agreement and all.

A thing says “evaluation period ends in january 14” what does that mean? If I am not promoted by then I will need to wait much longer or what? D:

What could be happening?


It means that you are evaluated exactly on that day


You need to wait up to the evaluation period that happens in the middle of each month. Your date is 14th of each month. So you need to wait for that day to be evaluated and promoted to next level.


you will get level on January 14 if you fulfill all the requirements. you just do wait.


Your level will change on your evaluation day. I believe it’s every 60 days. If your stats are all green on the day of your next evaluation then you will level up.


I didnt go up, what on earth? :frowning:


Impatience. That’s what on earth :wink:

Give it some time, it doesn’t happen right away when you wake up. For some people it even happens on morning of 16th.


Patience, I got mine 2 days after the date I was supposed to be assessed !


level will change on your evaluation day. Every month 15 date.

okay, so sometimes it happens after the evaluation time, ok noted. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The 60-day evaluation period ends on 14th. The computers may take some longer to evaluate every seller on the platform. Advance congratulations for Level 1 though. :angel:

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Please don’t send those type of not-important thing to support.
And dont spam every problems you have to support, it will just be problematic to every people are are queuing for the support.

Sometimes, you just need to be patience.


Congratulations, i had forgot, it’s like the next day. So it was the day after your evaluation date.