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Why am I not Level 2?


I’m trying to understand why I’m still at Level 1 status. I’ve delivered over 70 orders in just ONE month, and have a 100% positive rating, and it would SEEM the qualifications are 50 orders in TWO months with a positive rating. What am I missing here? I’m really at a point where I need to add higher dollar extras to the gigs given the type of work I’m now being approached with…


What is your cancellation ratio? Sometimes if it is too high it can prevent you from leveling up.


The reason for not getting level 2 is that your account age is not of 2 months. I mean to say that you are not a active person on fiverr and your account should be of of 2 months older. only then you will be promoted to Level 2. Whenevr you reach the limit of 2 months, you will automaticaslly get promoted to level 2. But atleast wait for another 1 Month so that the required time for 2 months get completed.


Reply to @aroramohit: Actually it says they’ve been on Fiverr for over 2 years. It really is strange that they have not leveled up yet.



Check your cancellation ratio, or is there something else in your past that could be holding you back?

If not, contact Fiverr CS right away.

Good luck! :wink:


Any cancellations I’ve had have been mutually agreed upon. And yes, I’ve been with fiverr for 2 years, but just started actually doing any work here a little over a month ago. Other than that, 100% approval rating and a lot of work done.

I have 8 cancellations and 81 delivered orders. But 4 of those cancellations were for the same job where the person had sent a long script that wasn’t proofread so he cancelled the order so they could re-work the script. Otherwise, my gig would have been late.


Check with customer support if you feel you’ve not received levels in error