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Why am I not making sales?


I’ve been on Fiverr for about two days now, but I haven’t made one single sale. I am offering a lot more than my competitors on Social Networks.

Why isn’t it working?


Have you not read the news about all these fake likes? They are kind of frowned up these days.

Also, fake likes tend to just vanish once Facebook work out they are fake.


I’m not so sure how this whole “like” stuff works since I don’t use Facebook,

but one thing i can point out for sure is that it has been ONLY two days since you have joined Fiverr. It’s true that some people get lucky and they will get their first gig within hours of starting, but some people take weeks, even months.

Sit tight!


Reply to @calderjon: but I wrote in my description that they are real


Be patient, sometimes it takes some time before you get the first sale. Please see what you can offer in the buyer requests site. You can have the first sale from there!


Bro you aren’t fooling anyone. People on Fiverr are more tech savvy than the average computer user. Just think. If you could truly (eye roll) get unlimited traffic or Facebook likes, why are you peddling the software for five bucks?

Like I tell other desperate scammers like you, go sell false dreams on the search engines. Internet marketing is for you, stick to it and stop insulting our intelligence.


Seriously man, I don’t think anyone will be interrested.


Reply to @apicturesworth: Let’s be a little judicious with a word like “Scammer” …it’s a little personally aggressive to a stranger.


If the services you are offering are in demand from customers, unique from what’s being sold by others & can by found by those who want this type of service, then you will generate sales. So, check “Buyers Requests”. Are people looking for your kind of services? Check out the other gigs in your category. Is what you’re selling really different from what else is being sold? Consider how you’re spreading the word about your gigs. Are you sharing links to your gigs among all your friends, family, acquaintances & using all aspects of social media?

Last, 2 days is nothing. Don’t be impatient. Use the time to research other gigs like yours & see what they’re doing to attract sales.


I also dont get any orders since i join with fiverr… Now it has been 22 days since im in fiverr…

this is my gig…

please someone help me…


besmarter, I would start with your million + contacts in FB groups. With so many contacts you should be able to generate some interested potential buyers. I’ve seen this complaint (“no sales yet, I’ve been here X days…”) from people whose gigs are selling contacts or traffic to sites using social media quite a few times, yet they seem unable to generate interest or traffic to their OWN gig sites. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy or efficacy of the gigs they’re selling.


Hi, welcome to Fiverr. My opinion, it is not about you can offer a lot more than your competitors. It is about trust. Most people would love to order from someone they trust and someone they already know. That is why a lot of successful Fiverrer have repeat customers.

My suggestion, try to offer your service for your friends and family first. And ask or ‘beg’ them to share your gig with their close friends and family. Use facebook share, that is easy.


@pojnew recreate your gig picture as good looking.It will help to increase your sales


Reply to @anarchofighter: if you say so, I’ll stop throwing that word around. Let me use our friend keyboard to make a point.

What if his awesome 3D designs disappeared after a few days? What if the articles I write you automatically delete after a week?

I understand people can still find uses for these gigs, but they’re frowned upon for a reason. Experienced people use it for deceptive purposes and newbies think they’re permanent. No one wins.

To add a point about my use of the s word… He’s on here peddling unlimited traffic and likes, saying his services are real. It’s just the fact that he is saying its real is why I used the word.


Reply to @apicturesworth: Oh, I feel you :slight_smile: Just think in a public setting, rather than a private one, it’s best to error in the side of a little less “aggression”


Patience is a virtue. Also you need trust like the others said. They need to feel comfortable with you. I too am new and ha been one day. I am patient however. I know I have something great to offer that is legit and worth more than I am offering as I have stated.