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Why am I not receiving any orders?

I offer a proofreading service mainly for bloggers but I have not had an order since January. My views, impressions and clicks for my gig are often low and I have no clue on what to do.

Any tips?

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What actions are you taking to connect to bloggers who need proofreading services?

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It might help a bit from a presentation point of view if you used a photo of your real face
or a logo, any image that represents you.
An image of a girl playing with her hair doesn’t really come across as professional, and
it doesn’t show who you are.


I agree. However I don’t think that would affect the performance of my gig too much.

What actions would you recommend?

What actions does your market research suggest you should do?


I think this is pretty normal for everyone. I have the same experience. On some months I get overflow of work where some month i’m not even getting any single order. Just keep calm and live life easier.

When someone ( in this case a buyer ) sees an image that is clearly not the
actual person, often times that itself is enough to stop the buyer from ordering.
They see it as a lack of professionalism.
I’m not saying that changing the image will bring in orders right away, but it does have an impact.


Especially when that image, such as it is here, is clearly taken from an online photo site.

@enterwriting, I guarantee that your chosen photo is not a photo of you, and therefore does not represent you. It actually hurts you, as seller, to pretend to be a pretty girl just to get sales. That is not how you build a strong professional reputation as a freelancer.