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Why am I not seeing any request for my gigs?

Hi everyone I hope all is well and everyone is keeping safe.

My concern is I check my buyers’ requests three times daily and I am yet to see a request for my gigs. I am becoming a bit worried I would do some tasks free to build my credibility and confidence. I have been doing a lot of practice with transcribing, file conversion, stationery designs, and so on but am yet to get a job. However, I am still holding strong all positive advice is greatly appreciated.

These are my gigs please view and comment with suggestions thank you;

I think you can contact Fiverr customer support for clarifications. And I think you have to choose one platform or category at 1st. All of your gigs will be the same services. That’s the professional look at a glance. This is my personal opinions. When you will be the owner of a strong profile then you can move with versatile services.