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Why am I not selling?

Hi. i have 2 gigs up. On each of them I have more than 20 views and ore than 15 clicks. But still I got no order.

What am I doing wrong?

Please provide your suggestions.

You can find my gigs here:

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If you will do 20 photos for $5 there is no extra value for anyone to buy your other packages so you need to take another look at your pricing structure.

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So you are suggesting that I need to offer less for 5$?

Looks like you need to offer more for your higher prices. Take time to look at it and work it out.

I just made some changes.

Would you mind visiting my gig again?

Thanks in advance.

My gig is live at

Best to leave your basic one as it was as your competition is offering more than what you have now changed it to. Just add more photos to your other packages and leave the first one alone. Check out your competition. Will leave it with you.

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Ok alright and thanks for your time

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Am also suffering from lack of sales, haven’t sold any gig

Fiverr gets more competitive by the day. Look at what makes your gig different to all the others offering something similar on the site. Make sure what helps you to stand out isn’t price. Then push that angle for all it is worth.

Read marketing books, study what makes others successful (without just copying what they do) and see where you can differentiate.

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