Why am i now getting $3.60 per completed order?


Did I miss something?

No. I don’t have adverts set up.

Yes. These are long term customers.


t seems like buyers are being given promo codes. We sellers are taking the hit on it. Because we have to pass those savings onto the customers. I did not agree to lose 40 cents on that order. If Fiverr wants to hand out promo codes, then by all means do.

This is new. So, Fiverr is emailing 10% discount codes to our past clients. The client is then using this 10% discount code, and we have to pay for that. THIS IS NOT ON ME. I WANT MY DAMN 40 CENTS.

Have I really missed something? Like, I don’t recall reading about this at all. Just the promoted gigs, which I am not doing.

"You earned $3.40" (on a 5-dollar order)

Well Ryan, you are to "The Ranting Pot’ what I am to “Conversations” :smiley: (But I agree with you)


I know. I spend way too much time here!

The client is going to cancel their order and pay for it without the 10% discount. But, this is annoying. Means I get a cancellation, and the customer is not happy at all.

I know it is only 40 cents, but it is my 40 cents :(. I see nothing in the ToS about this. I only see that I am going to get 80% of the order amount.

Plus, sending a code to a person who orders my gig once every week is just ridiculous anyway. This person is actively ordering. They do not need a discount.


Agree with you. I don’t understand why the seller is being penalized. 10% could be a lot of money on big orders.

That’s strange, I’ve never gotten such a code from 5r. When I’m active, as in at least once or twice a month, they send me nothing. When I haven’t been buying in a while, they send me buy $20 & get $5 credit.

When I use the credit, the sellers get paid normally. I know because I use it for gratuity and every time I receive a thank you from seller.


I had that happened. I had to reach out to CS about it and they credited me the .40 cents. I explained to them that their promotions are reaching into our pockets when they shouldn’t be, especially since we’re not the ones offering the promotions, they are.

Logic won out.


I’ve messaged them. Hopefully I can get something.

Wouldn’t be so fussed if this was a new customer. Could keep them for life. A person ordering from me anyway (just checked, over 200 orders placed since 2012) is just not good for me to give a discount.

If customer support does not give me the money, the customer will cancel the order and order again without the discount, but I don’t want him to do that.