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Why am I seeing A$27.54 on my gigs?

Why am I seeing prices similar to A$27.54 or A$13.57 on mine and other sellers gigs? Normally prices show up in increments of $5 and no change.
This is confusing.

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Just looked at your gigs and they are showing $10.

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Scroll at the bottom of the page to check your currency settings.
I see $10 as well.


I have the same issue for one of my orders… Just the order itself. It shows it in Euros, and I’ve already checked the box as Nika shows. It is USD… it’s the only order that shows the Euro - the ones before and after it, are in USD increments.

Of course, in my earnings, it shows I’d get $20 from it.

Dunno why the issue…

That was fantastically easy to change the currency. Ha! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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