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Why am I Still on level one|| Please Delete this post


Hello to everyone.

I have been a fiverr seller since 11 months, however I started using fiverr actively roughly a month ago(since I received first order). It’s been 17 days since I am a level one seller. On my profile 51 orders are created and I have successfully completed nearly 28 of them, I have 4 cancelled orders and a 100% positive feedback, and full fivestar rating on all of my gigs, But still I am not a level two seller (My profile shows I have acheived only 80% of level two). Can anyone tell me why is this so. Any suggestion/comment will be really helpful.Thanks in advance.


I think you need to have 50 completed orders with good feedback but I’m not 100% sure. Just keep working on getting more orders (by promoting your gigs) and delivery quality each time. Just a little bit of patience and you’ll get there.


Thanks for the replies.

Well I achieved the level one as soon as 10th order was made on my profile(I had completed only 8 orders by then). So isn’t same happens with level two. :-?